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 Wood and Logs

Our logs are produced from timber from our own woods and other local woodlands. When you’re trying to manage woodland from time to time it needs to be thinned and this wood we use to make our logs. We are very lucky in having our own woodland on the farm and being slap bang in the middle of the most wooded county in the land means there is a great local supply of wood!

The wood is seasoned and processed in to logs on the farm. Our logs are 7-8” in length. With plenty of notice we can cut them pretty much to whatever length you require.

We sell most of our wood in bulk loads by the cubic metre. We do also sell wood in smaller handy bags.

Bulk Load £90.00

1m3 bulk load of wood, delivered to your home (free delivery within 10 mile radius Dorking)This is the most common type of load we sell.

Wood, Bulk Load We can also deliver up to 3 cubic metres in our trailer on the back of the 4x4 as long as the access to your property allows.

Currently a 2 cubic metre load is £170.00 and 3 cubic metre load is £250.00.

Bagged Logs
The bags measure 400x400x400mm so you can fit two easily in the back of a car as the picture show, this was a clients BMW 3series.

£10 per bag collected from our yard. We will then charge £8 per refill if you bring the bag back.

Bag of logs
You can also collect wood from our yard in bulk,by appointment, as this customer demonstrated by getting a whole cubic metre in to the back of a ford fiesta! Thankfully he did not have to go far at all and he and the logs made it home safety!

We only use hardwoods for our logs we use no softwood.

To order wood, you can email info@sondesplacefarm.com or call 01306 881538.

You can pay using our mobile card terminal when we deliver the wood or when you collect, we do not accept American Express Cards.

Where possible please order well in advance of winter as it gets very busy once we get into the burning season

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