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Our lambs are free-range and eat grass, red and white clover, lucerne plus their mothers milk! They are very healthy and grow fast, which combined with the varied diet gives flavoursome, tender meat. We mature the meat for 7-10 days before butchery to further improve the taste.

Lambs are available from May until December

Whole or Half Lamb: Butchered as you require, into a range of different cuts, including rack of lamb, loin chops, boneless or bone-in legs and shoulders, sausages, minced lamb etc. Your lamb will be delivered fresh, in vacuum packs, and can either be used within 7 days or frozen for later use.

Our lamb carcasses are generally 20-22kg in weight….before butchery. Depending on how you have them butchered you will get 15-18 kg meat from a whole lamb. As a guide half a lamb will easily fit into one drawer of an upright freezer


Whole lamb £150
Half lamb £85

We can also supply whole lamb carcasses for home butchery or events 

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